Q:When are baby Collared Lizards available?

A: Generally we have baby Collareds available May- September/ October.

Dickerson's and Baja's are tend to be available starting in late June or July as they are not sexable at the time of hatching and as such we need extra time to raise them up to a size where their sex can be discerned.


Q:When are baby Chuckwallas available?

A: Generally we have baby Chuckwallas available August- November/ December.

Q:Do you keep a wait list and can I pre-order?

A: No. We no longer keep a wait list and all animals are on a first come, first served basis once they are posted for sale. Also, we will not pre-sell animals as we don't like to count our eggs before they hatch and we would also like to provide a fair chance for past customers and potential new customers alike. 

Q:Do you ship? And what is the cost of shipping?

A: Yes. We ship via FedEx overnight within the lower 48 contiguous states. Shipping cost will vary due to box size and distance traveled. Generally, the cost to ship will be between $45- $65, with larger heavier boxes potentially costing a bit more. If you are seriously interested in any animal(s) we have listed for sale on the available pages please email/ message us with your zip code and we can provide you with an exact shipping quote. 

Q:Do you export?

A: We do not export ourselves, but we can help in arranging export through another company that we would ship to and they would then deliver to you. The cost of shipping outside of the USA can be expensive depending on your location.

Q:Can I choose the sex of my animal(s)?

A: Most animals, when made available, will be listed as sexed. If they are not sexable it will be stated as 0.0.1. 

1.0= Male; 0.1= Female; 0.0.1= Unknown

*Please note that baby Chuckwallas are not sexable.

Q:Do you sell in wholesale quantities and prices?

A: No. We are not wholesalers and do not produce large quantities of animals to allow us to do such.